Republican command-staff exercise "Koktem-2018"
In order to ensure the readiness of the management bodies, forces and facilities of civil protection services by the spring period, from 5 to 6 March of this year the Republican command-staff exercise "Koktem-2018" is conducted in the city of Ust-Kamenogorsk.
Republican command-staff exercise "Koktem-2018"

According to the plan, it is planned to work out the issues of interaction and notification of central and local executive bodies, to translate the regime of functioning of territorial and branch subsystems of the State Civil Protection System into a high alert regime for fulfilling tasks for the purpose of threatening and emergence of the spring period.
The exercises are planned to involve operational groups from the central state bodies (republican civil protection services), local executive bodies (commissions for the prevention and liquidation of emergency situations), regional, district and city civil protection services, emergency rescue services, military units of the National Guard and approval of the Ministry of Defense.
On March 5 this year staff work will be conducted with the republican and regional civil defense services to make a decision on the preparation of command and control bodies and civil defense forces and the management of the forces of the State Civil Protection System, in the event of emergencies of the flood period.
On March 6 this year in all regions, the cities of Astana and Almaty, tactical and special exercises and trainings will be conducted with the units of emergency rescue services and formations, regional civil protection services, to develop practical actions for emergency rescue and emergency response work at the emergency of the spring period.
Practical training will also take place directly in areas populated by flood-prone areas. This will allow to carry out the training of district emergency response units, to conduct real anti-flood measures in places prone to flooding.
Qualitative testing of actions at the training places and carrying out preventive measures will in the future bring practical benefits for preventing accidents and reducing damage from flood waters.

Republican operational headquarters of the RCSE "Koktem-2018"


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