As part of the public monitoring on February 1, 2018 in the Kostanay Academy of the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Kazakhstan named after Shrabek Kabylbaev, a meeting of the faculty and students with the Chairman of the Public Council on the activities of the Internal Affairs Department of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Dr. Marat Chekishevich, Doctor of Law, Professor Kogamov took place.

The chief of the Academy, Candidate of Legal Sciences, Professor Major-General of the Police Kyzylov Mirlan Ahmedievich introduced to the present colleagues M. Kogamov. and briefly but meaningfully highlighted the results of the team's activity over the past four years, all the achievements of the Academy and the prospects for its development. He focused on some of the problems associated with insufficient funding, as well as the need to improve the material and technical base of our school.
His speech Marat Chekishevich began with the greetings of the Academy staff and with the warm memories of his own cadet life in the walls of the Karaganda Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Further, he noted that according to actual data for the past period to maintain the effectiveness of ATS work, 6,000 thousand new employees are required each year, but only a little more than 1,000 ATS employees produce higher specialized educational institutions. He sees the way out of the current situation in improving working conditions and increasing the social package for employees. In his opinion, this, of course, will lead to an increase in the prestige of service in the ATS.
 Also, Marat Chekishevich voiced the problems of training security officers. Mirlan Ahmedievich offered to organize for them on the basis of our Academy advanced training courses, because for several decades of its existence the Academy has established itself as a "smithy" of highly qualified personnel who are able to act professionally and efficiently in the event of crisis situations and in a complex operational situation. He noted that our competent faculty will be able to train and give the knowledge and skills necessary for specialists.
The motivated proposal of the head of the Academy was of interest to M.Kh. Kogamov, who in turn promised to consider this proposal at the February meeting of the Public Council on the activities of the ATS of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
The issue of the work of the Public Council on the activities of the ATS of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which is the most effective body in solving the problematic issues of the civilian population, did not go unheeded. He stressed that on a regular basis, public hearings are held, as well as monitoring of police activities, including the consideration of appeals from individuals and legal entities. According to Marat Chekishevich, every new project must necessarily find support of the society, and citizens' positions regarding the activities of state bodies should be analyzed by public associations.
Kogamov M.C. He expressed confidence that the establishment of a qualitative dialogue between civil society and state bodies is necessary. He also stopped on concrete examples, problems, issues that citizens address to the Public Council. The Council addresses these issues to the relevant bodies of the Interior Ministry system, and most of them have been resolved to date.
The participants were introduced to the latest amendments introduced into the criminal legislation, in particular concerning the terms of detention of suspects, the issuance of sanctions, forensic medical examination, etc.
After meeting with the faculty, undergraduates, cadets of the Academy, the Chairman of the Public Council on the activities of the ATS of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kogamov M.Ch. together with the leadership of the Academy visited hostels, educational buildings, dining room, gymnasium, library, aesthetic education hall and buildings for economic purposes. After attentively listening to all the available questions regarding the material and technical equipment of the Academy, Marat Chekishevich assured that they would be submitted for consideration at a meeting of the Public Council on the activities of the ATS of the Republic of Kazakhstan, to be held in February this year.
We hope that the visit of our Academy to Marat Chekishevich will leave pleasant impressions. We, on our part, learned a lot of useful information about the activities of the Public Council on the issues of ATS activities in the Republic of Kazakhstan, got the opportunity to communicate with a scientist who makes a significant contribution to the development of domestic lawmaking.

Press service of the Academy


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