During the working visit to Atyrau oblast, Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs RK Major General Bisenkulov Bisenkulov acquainted with the construction of a number of facilities located in the regional center.

In particular, he visited the new building of the Atyrau Oblast Department of Internal Affairs and a specialized CSC. Taking into account the need for a migration services center, the regional department of the Interior was asked to find an opportunity to build a similar facility. Operational and official activity of the region's DVD for the past year and the priority tasks set for 2018 were discussed further during the meeting with the personnel of the region's Department of Internal Affairs.

Characterizing the criminal situation in the region, Ayanau Region police chief Ayan Duisembayev noted that the situation in the region is stable. As a result of last year, there has been a decrease in the level of crime, including the number of heavy crimes.

Effective work was carried out to prevent crime in the region. In the past year, in agreement with the Minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Colonel-General K. Kasymov, police stations have been opened in two remote settlements of the region - in the Zhanbai district of Isatay district and in Saghiz village of the Kyzylkuginsky district, confirming the effectiveness of their work. In connection with this, this year it is planned to open a police station in the village of Azgir in Kurmangazynsky district. The construction of the Operational Management Center in Zhylyoi district is also underway as part of the state program for single-industry towns. The material and technical base of the Ministry of Railways has been strengthened.

To the 25th anniversary of the Kazakh police, the SOBR unit and the department for combating criminal encroachments on the fish stocks of the Atyrau district department of internal affairs have allocated a modern building on the bank of the Ural River with its own pier, for storage and parking of swimming equipment.

At the operational meeting, the deputy chief of the Atyrau regional department of internal affairs reported. The main forces of the department are directed to the disclosure of grave and especially grave crimes. In order to disclose theft of someone else's property, measures are being taken to implement the program of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan to Combat thefts for 2018-2020. This year, 34 new police stations will be involved in the work under the program, 20 of which are planned to be located within the city of Atyrau.

429 camcorders were purchased and installed to maintain law and order on the roads. According to the results of the last year, over 141,000 administrative violations were detected with the help of street surveillance cameras. Multifunction photoradar complexes of radar multi-purpose speed meters with photographic fixation are continuing. As a result of ongoing preventive measures, road accidents have been reduced.

At the initiative of the Ministry of Railways of the region, with the support of the local executive body, the construction of 4 fixed posts of the Rubezh security system will start this year, covering the main directions of the highways of the republican importance located on the territory of the region. The bodies of internal affairs of the Atyrau oblast will take effective measures aimed at preventing and preventing criminal offenses, with a study of the causes and circumstances that contribute to their commission.

Following the results of the meeting, the police general-major Bisenkulov Beryk Baybulovich noted that according to the demand of the Minister of Internal Affairs this year, the ATS system should be oriented towards creating conditions for successful implementation of the tasks defined by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.Nazarbayev in the New Message to the People "New Opportunities development in the conditions of the fourth industrial revolution ". As the Head of State noted: "The state will continue to guarantee the observance of the interests of ordinary citizens. Legislation has been introduced in the legislation providing for strengthening the protection of the rights of citizens in criminal proceedings, reducing its repressiveness. "

"In this regard, we need to continue to work to ensure the strict observance of constitutional rights and the freedom of citizens," concluded Berik Baybulovich.

Following the meeting, the leadership of the Department of Internal Affairs was given specific instructions to ensure a high level of law and order.

Press office of the Region of Atyrau  Department of Internal Affairs


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