In the period from 9 to 10 November 2017 in the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Republican command and staff exercise "Kys-2017" was held on the topic "Preparation of the management bodies and forces of the state civil protection system for actions in the liquidation of emergency situations in the winter period".

Headquarters of the leadership was located in the city of Aktobe.
The exercise was conducted to improve the level of preparedness and ability of the State Civil Protection System and the population to eliminate emergency situations in the winter period, to check the readiness of civil protection services and formations to respond to winter emergencies.

The training group involved operational groups from ministries of health, investment and development, defense and aerospace industry, information and communications, defense, energy and agriculture; Civil Protection Service and the Commission for the Prevention and Elimination of Emergencies of the regions, the cities of Astana and Almaty, structural and territorial bodies, emergency services and the formation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The exercise "Kys-2017" was conducted in two stages with the completion of questions
on the preparation of the management bodies of the state civil protection system for responding to winter emergency situations
and the management of civil defense forces in the performance of functional tasks.

Within the framework of the exercise "Kys 2017", tactical and special trainings were held throughout the country to train actions to eliminate emergencies and provide assistance to the victims.

In the Aktobe region 53 tactical-special exercises were conducted, 5 of which in the city of Aktobe. According to the plan of the exercise with the divisions of rescue services and formations of the Aktyubinsk region, at 5 training points the introductory games with the drawing of the tasks for accomplishing the tasks for the liquidation of the winter period were practically worked out.
In the regions, according to these signals, the management bodies and 2 499 civil defense formations are ready throughout the country, with the personnel of 16,844 people and 4316 units. automotive and special equipment.

 The corresponding services of the Civil Protection are a set of preventive measures to prepare for the winter period.
The departments for emergency situations are carrying out an inventory of ice crossings and foot crossings, places for ice fishing.
76 ice motor roads, 77 pedestrian crossings and 412 ice fishing places were identified. ДСС together with local executive authorities take measures to ensure safety at the crossings and crossings, including installed - 5039 warning signs and visual signs, 75617 linear meters of special shields. Preventive works are carried out with socially vulnerable layers of the population.
357 bypasses of basements, heating mains with carrying out of preventive works with persons without the certain residence for maintenance of safety measures in the winter period are conducted by the local police service together with ДСС.

More than 4,000 raids were organized with briefings
with the population living in private residential sectors with the issuance of memos, leaflets on compliance with fire safety rules during the heating season.

So, in the event of emergency situations on life support facilities, 630 units of autonomous power supplies have been prepared.

More than 4 million tons of coal and 99,000 tons of fuel oil have been accumulated in the fuel storage depots of the iron ore sources.

For meteorological control, 328 weather stations were prepared, for the hydrological 306 posts.

On the most snow-covered sections of railroads and highways, 35,493 running meters of snow shields were installed, over 900,000 cubes of inert materials were brought to the descents and lifts of motorways. 978 heating points have been prepared.

The development of interaction between central and local executive bodies in the management of subordinate forces was carried out in accordance with the concept of the exercise.

Learning objectives defined at the Republican command and staff exercise "Kys-2017" have been achieved.

Press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Kazakhstan


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