The development of the state language in the Internal Affairs
The development of the state language in the Internal Affairs

Currently, in order to implement the Law "On languages in the Republic of Kazakhstan", "State program on functioning and development of languages for 2011-2020" and other decisions of the Government on the issues of the state language in the police we carry out some work.
Issues of development of the state language in the police is one of the main directions in the work of the MIA.
Order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on 16 January 2007 № 15 clerical work in the BIA is made in the state language. In this connection, all regulations, orders, letters and other documents are developed according to the principle of bilingualism (in the Kazakh and Russian languages) or in the native language. In every structural unit of the Ministry appointed staff who are able to develop and translate documents into the official language .
Monitoring the progress of clerical work in the official language, and the organization and coordination of work in this direction is assigned to the Office of the Department of Languages of the state language, which consists of two groups: the editorial expertise and state language. Similar units were established also in the territorial Departments.
Group of editorial expertise edits signed by the leadership of Ministry of Internal Affairs documents prepared in the Kazakh language, which stamped "Tekserіldі" (checked) and the signature of the person authorized.
The Group of the state language monitors the progress of the legislation governing the language policy checks proceedings in the official language in the central office and regional DIA, as well as providing practical assistance.
One of the most important decisions of raising the status of the state language in the internal affairs, personnel training is the official language, especially of closely interacting with citizens.
All the conditions for free and open learning the Kazakh language.
To date, there are 42 cabinets  Kazakh language teaching in the republic, equipped with modern technology and ethnographic stands.
This year, for the first time in the Ministry to monitor the quality of education online exam was held at employees of territorial DIA state language with the Deputy Minister Major-General A. Kurenbekov.
In order to provide practical assistance to employees who work directly with the population (traffic police officers, local policemen, migration, etc.), In the MIA was designed pocket phrase in the national language. This phrase was introduced terms, words, phrases, often used in the service of the police. Also this year, we developed a manual "Kazakh tili" for beginners and intermediate levels.
In addition, on the Web site of the Ministry of Internal Affairs operates the heading "official language", which contains information on activities for the development of the state language, legal documents relating to the national language. Also in the electronic section of the Russian- Kazakh dictionary for the population.
For alignment of terms used in the MIA was established the Commission on the formation of industry terms commonly used in the police and the Interior Troops of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The commission discussed the terms and phrases that cause controversy over their use. After consideration of the disputed terms, these terms are sent to the State Commission under the Government of the terminology of Kazakhstan.
For the terms alignment of law enforcement agencies will establish a working group. The working group will be composed of qualified personnel of the General Prosecutor's Office, the Ministries of Justice and Defense, the National Security Committee and the Committee of the Customs control.
In order to expand the use and promotion of the state language in the Ministry of Interior various activities are held.
In the framework of celebration of the Day of the languages of Kazakhstan on 10-12 October this year was organized the Republican contest "Parasatty police" among police officers and students of educational institutions of the Interior Ministry. The purpose of this competition is to promote the language policy in the internal affairs bodies, increase the positive image of law enforcement officers, education of employees in the spirit of patriotism for the motherland, language and history of his people. In the competition involved 21 teams from all over the country. It should be noted that the contest is being held annually.
However, in the framework of this competition among employees was organized republican creative competition on such topics as: " Parasatty police degenіmіz kіm?", Tugan - tili tұғyrym" and among the children of 10-15 years of "Men ata - anamdy maқtan tұtamyn".
According to the results of the competition the winners were encouraged to certificates and prizes MIA. The best entries are published periodically in the jurisdiction newspaper "Saқshy".




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