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General Data

General Data
Department of own security MIA
010000, Astana, st. Manas 4

General Data

Own Security Department of the Republic of Kazakhstan Ministry of Internal Affairs (hereinafter - the DOS MIA) is a part of the central apparatus of the Ministry as an independent operational and investigative unit.
DOS MIA is directly responsible and accountable to the Minister of Internal Affairs.
On operational performance manages its own security directions at territorial departments and on transport of the Internal Affairs.
In its activities the DOS MIA is guided by the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On the internal affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan", "On Operational - Investigative Activities", other laws and regulations of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the orders and instructions of the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan and by the Regulations on the Department of own safety.
DOS activities aimed at ensuring their own safety and the Ministry of Internal Affairs is based on the principles of rule of law, respect for human rights and freedoms, as well as conspiracy, combination of overt and covert methods in operational and investigative activities.
DOS performs its work in collaboration with the Ministry of Internal Affairs departments and divisions, law enforcement, special and other government agencies of the country.

The main tasks of the DOS are:
1) Protection of the constitutional rights and freedoms of citizens;
2) The prevention, detection, suppression, crime, including corruption, preparing or committed employees and their involvement in the suppression of illicit and other activities prohibited by law;
3) prevention, detection and suppression of the facts of corruption offenses, protection of police persons involved in drug trafficking, prostitution and other antisocial and illegal activities;
4) Detection and suppression possible channels leaking classified information constituting a state or official secret, operational and service information;
5) Prevention of penetration into the internal affairs bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan people pursuing illegal purposes;
6) To ensure the protection of the state police officers and their families.

Department of own security of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of RK


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