Disciplinary commission
Disciplinary commission

Currently, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan formed Disciplinary Commission, whose main task is to review and appropriate action in relation to employees who have breached professional ethics and corruption offenses committed.
Working body of the Commission is the Department’s own security MIA Republic of Kazakhstan, designed to solve the problem of the prevention, detection and suppression of crime and delinquency among the personnel of law enforcement agencies. Commission is chaired by Chief Security Department Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Similar commissions have been established in the regional divisions of DIA.
In terms of the functional tasks of the Commission is also included consideration of citizens, legal persons and messages in the media about the facts of corruption offenses and breaches of ethics committed by officials of the Interior, and the subsequent public awareness of the measures taken.
For timely response and suppression of violations of the law by police officers in the Department of Own Security MIA of the Republic of Kazakhstan established a hotline - 72-24-93 fax and phone - 72-24-63 on which any citizen can inform us about the illegal actions of law enforcement officers.

Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan


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