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Information from MIA:

We are recommending you validate IMEI-code of cell phone by database of stolen and criminals phones before purchasing of second hand cell phone.

These database is refreshing only by written application to MIA organizations about phone theft.

When your phone was stolen you should do following actions:
  1. Send your application about theft to MIA organization nearest to locus delicti.
  2. Attach to your application phone documents copies (guarantee certificate with IMEI-code, phone passport with serial number).
  3. Validate guarantee certificate with phone pack box by checking IMEI-code.
  4. If your phone will not be found during one month and you have sent your application to MIA organization, check investigation process status of your stolen phone on the site МВД.KZ by IMEI-code.

IMEI cell phone code is serial number (15 digitals); it’s printed on the phone, guarantee certificate and packing box.

When you are purchasing cell phone, please validate your guarantee certificate and packing box by IMEI-code: turn on your phone, and type following numbers *#06# , read IMEI-code from phone display.

Criminal policy Committee of MIA don’t recommend to purchase phones without certificates (criminal suspected), because it helps criminals to sell their spoil. This property finally will be confiscated finally and you will have to provide an explanations about this purchase.

Criminal policy Committee of MIA of the Republic of Kazakhstan