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 According to the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan resolution dated May 20, 2010 № 457 on the basis of Aktobe Law college Aktobe Law Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs was established.

Aktobe Law Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs provides higher education in the specialty: "050303 - Law Enforcement" for administrative, legal and operational-investigative specializations.

Ministry of Education and Science issued State License series AB № 0137411 on June 30, 2010 for indefinitely term.

The Institute carries out its activities in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan, normative legal acts of the Ministry of internal affairs and the Charter of Aktobe Law Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The supreme governing body of collegiate institute is the Scientific Council. At the Institute there are faculties of full-time education and training, 12 departments, divisions: the organization of research and editorial and publishing work, personnel and educational work, financial and logistical support; training and drill units and other support services.

Since July 2010, the Institute is headed by honored worker of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, honored worker of the Ministry of Education and Science, Doctor of Law, Professor, Police Colonel Tuzelbaev Yergali Oshpanbaevich.

Scientific potential of the Institute is shown through 1 PhD, 21 candidates, 5 associate professors, 12 Masters.

The Institute has an administrative body, academic buildings, lecture halls equipped with modern interactive teaching aids, classrooms, teaching rooms, computer labs, general and special library, dining room, assembly hall. For practical classes operate landfills: forensic, the district police station, sports camp, sports and wrestling rooms, a shooting range.

The main indicator of educational work among the students is a high level of theoretical knowledge and skillful use them in practice.

To enhance the practical orientation of training conducted offsite classes, and classes involving practitioners. For the purpose of practical training, internships, briefings with variable composition at the Institute, in conjunction with the Aktobe regional DIA branch was established reference point police Aktobe DIA. Departments of operational and investigative activities, military and tactical special training in the field operative- tactical exercises.

In order to improve the qualifications of teaching staff at the Faculty of functioning "School Teacher of Excellence" and "School of beginning teachers".

Educational work is built on close cooperation with the Faculty of full-time study, departments, course link, curators platoons of the number of teachers, as well as with community groups.

The research work of the Institute is based on the activities of the Academic and educational tips in direct connection with the educational process.

Departments operate on scientific circles and sections: "Lawyer", "Debate Club", "History of Kazakhstan", "Interesting grammar", "Themis", "New operative", "computer operator", "Special", "Young expert", "motorist", "Sambo", "Volleyball", "Basketball", "Dogfight", "Special taktiks", "General physical training", which are heard at meetings of the abstracts and prepared by members of clubs, organized visits to DIA units produced themed wall newspapers.

Students are engaged in scientific sections. Under the guidance of experienced teachers, they learn the basics of scientific activities, goals, objectives, forms the structure of scientific research, the method of working with regulatory documents and literary sources, the rules of registration of scientific papers; master modern methods of searching, processing and use of information; learn to develop and defend their point of view; master of oratory skill.


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