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of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan


    In accordance with the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan of  June 1, 1999 № 675 on the basis of Almaty Law  and MIA Almaty technical institutes was created the Almaty academy of the MIA RK.

    Almaty Institute of Law of Ministry of Internal Affairs was established on the basis of the Almaty specialized secondary schools of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR, the history of which started from July 23, 1956.

    By the Decree of Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan from September 30, 2010 № 1009 Almaty Academy renamed as Almaty Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

    Over the years the schools which have become the basis for creating the Almaty Academy, released more than 20 thousand highly qualified specialists, who work not only in Kazakhstan but also in many CIS countries, are heads of large groups of bodies of internal affairs.


   Today in the republic there is no authority or police units, where would not serve the Almaty Academy graduates. Working on the most important and decisive areas, they have made and are making a significant contribution to the fight against crime and maintaining public order. There are 21 generals among them.

   Almaty Academy of Ministry of Internal Affairs refers to the highest echelons of the training system for all levels of law enforcement bodies and focused on the formation of a highly qualified cadre for the internal affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It is a leading educational and scientific- methodical center, providing training, retraining and law enforcement agencies of the country.

   Almaty Academy implements educational programs of higher professional, postgraduate and further education under the State license № 0142750 from October 20, 2011, Serial. AB issued by the Committee for Control of Education and Science, Ministry of Education and Science.

   Almaty Academy trains specialists with higher education in the following spesialities:  5B030300 - "Law Enforcement" (bachelor) in operational and investigative expertise and 5B070300 "Information Systems".

   Postgraduate education is carried out in research and teaching masters and PhD degree. The duration of the research and teaching master's - 2 years, of PhD-3 years.



Currently, the Academy has two institutes - Institute of postgraduate and further education, Law Institute, 13 departments, including the printing press, the general and special libraries, educational field camp and other structural units.

The Law Department of the Institute includes full-time study and 19 departments.

   The Institute of postgraduate and further education includes antiterror Interagency Training Center Training Center to combat drug trafficking, Pedagogical Masters, PhD, higher academic courses.

  In the Institute of postgraduate and further education innovative educational technologies are being tested, in particular, since 2009 in two training centers of the Institute were implemented a modular system based on interactive computer programs, and since 2011 at the highest academic courses developed and implemented a training program to improve the skills of employees using distance learning for some categories of law enforcement officers.



Organization of the educational process in the Almaty Academy subordinated to the goal of training officers - qualified specialists with higher legal education; management training for the internal affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan; Advanced training executives and officers of MIA, including teaching staff of educational institutions. In the context of future professional activity, students acquire knowledge and skills to make informed decisions, building control systems in the internal affairs bodies, which contributes to a highly qualified teaching staff, including doctors and candidates of sciences. For this institution has the necessary material base, methodical study, forensic landfill and darkroom, carries a high level of methodical teaching, teaching and educational and scientific work; all kinds of activities for investigative forensic and other specializations, training of the teaching staff and improve their skills.

   The main directions of educational work in Almaty police academy are the formation of public- legal outlook, professional and ethical, legal and patriotic education, the development of high personal qualities of future police officers, maintaining and improving the image of the BIA.

Almaty Academy conducts applied research on topical issues of the fight against crime. Almaty Academy staff are involved in the development of draft legislation and work of government commissions on government programs, major research projects and complex topics.

   The scientific potential of the Almaty Academy consist of 4 doctors, 43 candidates.

   Today Almaty Academy works with international organizations such as the UN Office on Drugs and Crime Regional Office for Central Asia Border Management Programme in Central Asia (BOMCA), UNICEF, as well as with educational institutions MIA CIS.



Almaty Academy of Ministry of Internal Affairs has concluded agreements on cooperation and scientific exchange with the following leading foreign educational and scientific organizations implementing higher and postgraduate education: Russian Research Institute of Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation; Donetsk Law Institute of Internal Affairs of Ukraine; Police Academy of the Republic of Belarus; Academy of the MIA of Kyrgiz republic; Research Centre Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic; Russian Institute of Advanced Police Academy Russia; East Siberian Institute of Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation; Barnaul Law Institute of Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation; Kyrgyz- Russian Slavic University.

   Cooperation in the field of training is carried out and with foreign countries, in particular the Budapest Academy of Police (Hungary), the Lyon Academy (France), Police Academy of the United States (Louisiana), the National Police Academy of the Republic of Turkey.



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