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    We present you socially significant service on Web-portal of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan with the information retrieval functionality of the repressed persons and rehabilitation of victims of mass political repressions.
    The most important of the debt does not give us - is the memory of the victims of mass political repressions. This task is even today far from fulfillment.
    In 2014, by the of internal affairs authorities from national security agencies have been taken criminal cases of persons who are not subject to rehabilitation in relation to the repressed citizens, justified the judicial authorities, as well as filtration and captured materials to the Soviet soldiers who were captured during the Great Patriotic War and repatriated German citizens of the former USSR.

   For example, criminal cases taken to the repressed activists of the Kazakh intelligentsia Ahmet Baitursynov Oraz Zhandosova, Ilyas Dzhansugurov, Saken Seifullin et al. (Archival business in the archive DIA of  Almaty).
    The "Memorial" includes information from criminal cases to persons who have been convicted and sentenced to various terms of punishment according to the article. 58 and 59 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR and the corresponding articles of the Criminal Code of the other Soviet republics (for treason and counter-revolutionary activities in action), located on the archival storage in the Interior Ministry and its territorial divisions. In total, the "Memorial" included information on 109 thousand. 186 repressed persons.
   This information is needed to hundreds of thousands of people in our country and in other countries where our compatriots live, in order to find at least some information about the fate of relatives. They need scientists, historians, and ethnographers, journalists, to restore in full the memory of political terror, the details of which were hushed up and hidden for decades. And, in particular, - the perpetuation of the memory of the victims.
   Unfortunately, in criminal cases there is no information on the place of burial of repressed persons, thousands of cemeteries near the former camps and labor settlements were irrevocably lost. Until now, millions of people do not know where buried their parents, grandfathers and great grandfathers.
   Rehabilitated citizens or their representatives, and in case of their death - relatives are entitled to archival information, copies of the documents from the criminal proceedings, to familiarize with the non-procedural character of the documents, as well as to surviving in these cases of manuscripts, photographs and other personal documents, or copies (base: article "on the rehabilitation of victims of mass political repressions" 16 of the Law of RK of 14 April 1993).
For archival information, copies of documents, or get acquainted with archival criminal cases you must write a written statement in any form to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan and Department of the Interior on the location of the criminal case with copies of identity documents and confirming kinship with the rehabilitated person (birth certificates, marriage, etc.).

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