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Kyzylorda police officers will conduct operative- preventive action "Legal order"
April, 23-25 police officers of Kyzylorda police Department will conduct operative- preventive action "Legal order" in order to improve the operative situation in Kyzylorda, prevention and suppression of offences in public places, as well as ensuring proper law and order in the streets.
569 foreigners was brought to administrative responsibility from the beginning of the year in Kyzylorda
There were made amendments to the order of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Kazakhstan Republic dated February 8, 2014 № 76 "On approval of the Rules of issuance, extension and revocation of permission for labor immigrants, as well as registration, formation and maintenance of dakto-, photo records of labor immigrants", providing a new list of documents for obtaining permission for labor immigrants to work for individuals, as new forms of annexes 1,2. which established a simplified procedure for issuing permits to foreign citizens to work with individuals in accordance with the order of the Minister of internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan № 473 dated may 3, 2016
There was a meeting with bloggers in Kyzylorda police Department
There was a meeting of bloggers with Deputy chief of Kyzylorda police Department police major Pazylov Nurmakhan Sansyzbayevich last week.
Kyzylorda police officer the police captain helped to find lost child
Kyzylorda police officer the police captain helped to find lost child There got a message from the resident of Tasboget village about her 9-years old child, who got outside to walk and didn't return home on April, 17 to the call center of police.
Kyzylorda police officers for the children's safety.
Children are the future of the state. We create this future. One of the most important task is ensure the safety of children, give them a decent education and raise them as true patriots. The juvenile police has the same tasks.