Kyzylorda police exposed and arrested the flat robbers
The court sentenced two residents of Kyzylorda to 2 years in prison on April 16, 2019.   Kyzylorda police exposed and arrested the flat robbers

          A resident appealed to the police of the city In January of this year, that unknown persons entered his house from the bedroom and stole a safe with money in the amount of 1,450,000 tenge, as well as  gold and silver products,causing material damage for total amount of  1.675.000 tenge. 
        It was carried out pre-judicial investigation on this fact  by  article 188 part 3 (theft) of the Criminal Code of Kazakhstan Republic.
        There were established two suspects who completely admitted their guilt as a result of carrying out operative searching actions. 
         The guilt of the suspects was fully proved by the materials of the criminal case, including the conclusions of examinations, material evidence seized from the scenes thanks to the coordinated, painstaking work of police officers. As a result, the case with the indictment was sent to the court.
The detainees admitted their guilt in court that they committed the crime and has completely indemnified the damage to the victim.

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