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TO PARTICIPANTS OF TRAFFIC- Historical information

History of Road police


In 1878 po­lice­men du­ti­es had be­en inc­lu­ded pre­sent Ro­ad po­lice func­ti­ons. They we­re or­de­red to watch a ro­ad con­di­ti­on, brid­ges, pas­sa­ges, for ti­mely cor­recti­on of young ci­tizens, for an in­tegri­ty of cab­le wi­res, for sa­fety du­ring win­ter ti­me for ro­ads thro­ugh the ri­vers, la­kes and fi­elds, and al­so for sa­fety bo­un­da­ry posts and an in­tegri­ty of the tre­es which we­re plan­ted lengthwa­ys ro­ad, by in­forming of the no­ticed mal­func­ti­ons to the Cons­tab­le mars­hal.


Af­ter Oc­to­ber re­volu­ti­on, mo­re exact­ly sin­ce 1918, cont­rol over traf­fic was car­ri­ed out by Wor­kers’ and Pe­asants’ mi­litia. The first stan­dard do­cument «Abo­ut auto­move­ment aro­und the Mos­cow ci­ty and its vi­cini­ti­es» left on Ju­ly 10th in 1920. On No­vem­ber 22nd in 1922 "the Ins­truc­ti­on to the mi­liti­aman on a po­int du­ty in the or­der of using a staff" has be­en con­firmed. Staffs we­re red co­lor with the yel­low hand­le, and it was ne­ces­sa­ry to app­ly them in a ca­se of"de­ten­ti­on auto-bi­ke ve­hic­les and crews".


In No­vem­ber, 1934 at the Cent­ral ro­ad and trans­port ma­nage­ment ma­de de­cisi­on to or­ga­nize the Sta­te auto­mobi­le ins­pec­ti­on.


Till March, 3rd, 1936 the car ins­pec­ti­on re­ma­ined de­part­men­tal bo­dy. Sin­ce this day the Sta­te Traf­fic Pat­rol De­part­ment (STPD) was a part of Cent­ral ad­mi­nist­ra­tive bo­ard of Wor­kers’ and Pe­asants’ mi­litia. And on Ju­ly, 3rd, 1936 Co­un­cil of Pe­op­le’s Com­missars of the USSR has ac­cepted the de­cisi­on abo­ut STPD. By right it is pos­sible to con­si­der this day as a his­to­rical birt­hday of the Sta­te Traf­fic Pat­rol De­part­ment (STPD).


In so­vere­ign Ka­zakh­stan the first pro­visi­on abo­ut the Sta­te Auto­mobi­le Ins­pec­to­rate de­cisi­on had be­en con­firmed by the Ca­binet of RK on No­vem­ber, 23rd, 1992. This day is con­si­dered to be the birt­hday of STPD of Ka­zakh­stan Re­pub­lic. On Ja­nu­ary, 3rd, 1996 the Sta­te Auto­mobi­le Ins­pec­to­rate had be­en re­named in­to ro­ad po­lice. And it was not simp­ly na­me chan­ging, pri­ori­ti­es in work we­re al­so rep­la­ced. A ma­jor prob­lem of mo­dern ro­ad po­lice­men is pub­lic or­der pro­tec­ti­on, strugg­le aga­inst cri­mina­lity, pro­tec­ti­on of ci­tizens aga­inst cri­minal enc­ro­ach­ments on ro­ads along with traf­fic sa­fety.


To­day work of the emp­lo­yee of ro­ad po­lice is qua­lita­tive­ly dif­fers from that was 20 years ago: pe­op­le ha­ve chan­ged, re­lati­ons bet­we­en them al­so ha­ve chan­ged. Now the ins­pec­tor is ob­li­ged to know per­fect­ly not on­ly traf­fic re­gula­ti­ons, but al­so the le­gis­la­ti­on, psy­cholo­gy ba­ses, the mo­dern tech­ni­qu­es, inc­lu­ding com­pu­ter, and ma­ny ot­her things.


It is pos­sible to say that to­day the ser­vi­ce na­me is bro­ught in­to ac­cord with its mo­dern ori­en­ta­ti­on. That ser­vi­ce ac­ti­vity on pro­tec­ti­on of the law and or­der and strugg­le aga­inst cri­mina­lity hasn’t re­moved ro­ad po­lice ac­ti­vity on sa­fety on ro­ads tes­ti­fi­es to it al­so.

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